Life-Changing Stories from Renew Wellness & Recovery

Every visitor  at Renew Wellness & Recovery has a unique journey. We have seen innumerable stories of courage, perseverance, and transformation as a specialized clinic concentrating on drug rehab for women only. These stories demonstrate the effectiveness of our personalized approach and offer hope to addicts.

Emma’s Story: Self-Rediscovery

Emma, 32, a graphic designer, came to Renew with a decade-long opioid addiction. She turned to addiction to manage her anxiety and depression. Initially, prescription medicines looked innocuous to soothe her mental torment. It became a dependency that hurt her work, relationships, and self-esteem.

Emma found acceptance for her challenges beyond addiction at Renew. She liked our comprehensive approach to therapy, diet, and wellness. She addressed her addiction’s causes in individual and group therapy. Yoga and art therapy helped Emma find her passions and self-worth. She celebrates two years sober today, a testament to her strength and Renew’s support.

How Lily Overcame Trauma and Addiction

Lily overcame trauma and addiction. Lily drank to escape domestic abuse. Her addiction took over her life, costing her custody of her two children. This loss prompted her to seek therapy.

Renew trauma-informed care helped Lily recover. She addressed her painful background with our trauma and addiction therapists. EMDR helped her overcome her addiction by healing from her trauma. Lily’s story shows that trauma and addiction can be overcome with support.

Maria’s Journey: Ending Addiction

Maria, a mother of three, used meth for 15 years. Her late teens experiment turned into a full-blown addiction. Maria kept relapsing despite several rehab attempts.

Renew provided Maria a fresh recovery strategy. Maria’s treatment plan was customized due to our focus on individual care. CBT helped her identify and modify negative thoughts. Parenting programs also helped her repair her connections with her kids. Maria at Renew reclaimed her life and motherhood, not just her sobriety.

Recovery’s Community Power

These stories emphasize community. We foster support and nurturing at Renew. This community aspect promotes belonging and understanding, essential for healing. Women in our program discover comfort and strength in shared experiences, forging lifelong connections.

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